Wednesday, March 13, 2013

May Madness

 So  I just found this post. Didn't realize  I hadn't posted it from last May!

The month of May continued to be busy.
We had school programs, Mother's Day,  and End-of-Year Dance Recitals.

Lily's 1st  grade singing program was darling. She sang songs and recited poems  that had to do with the months of the year.

The girls' End -of- Year Dance Showcase was fun and Lily got to show us her dance.

We had a lot of family come to watch the girls. It sure ment a lot to them!

 Lexi performed her three dances plus the whole company did a finale and they had awards and slide show.

 We enjoyed spending  time with our mothers for Mother's Day

and the kids spending time with their cousins

Lexi competed at Lagoon and performed one of her dances also. We took our camping trailer and stayed a couple of nights. can't wait to do it again!


Anchors Away! Days 2 and 3

So as I had mentioned in the post before this one that our family went on a Mexican Cruise in October. We had an amazing time! The night we got done at Disneyland we drove to a hotel just outside of Anaheim and met up with our good friends the Rasmussens ( they would be going on the cruise with us) . The next day Paul, Karl, and Brad drove an hour a way to go to the Rose Bowl because the UTES were playing UCLA. They had fun checking out the tailgating parties and the game wasn't too bad either.

The rest of us hung out at the hotel swimming and visiting.

We went out to eat later that night when the guys got back and then got a good  nights rest so that we could head out to Long Beach to board our ship!

This is the Queen Mary Ship. Wish we would've had time to take a tour of it....they say it's haunted.

Saying goodbye to Long Beach!

   Our cabin....before they put the bunk beds down from the ceiling
Dancing on the Lido Deck

Off to dinner in the Dining Room



Where to begin?!

Hello blogging world! Where do I even begin to get caught up for the last eight months! I am going to try to stay up on this from now on.... but don't hold me to it. I really need to make this a priority. I have realized this is one of my best ways to journal and scrapbook as life continues to be all kinds of hectic and need to take advantage of amazing technology we have! Also, I really appreciate my dear friends and family who faithfully continue to stay current on their own blogs. I love reading them and feel a part of their lives even if we haven't seen each other for ages or are a million miles apart. Thus saying, you have inspired me! Thank you! I think I will just do a couple of highlights from the past few months. I was able to share Lexi's first year at Girls Camp last August with her. What a neat experience it was for me to see her testimony grow by leaps and bounds. We also enjoyed a special visit from Jenny Phillips. Her songs and message were absolutely beautiful! Probably our most memorable and exciting highlight was when Paul, Lexi, Carter, Lily and I went on a Mexican Riviera Cruise in October. We drove to Anaheim a couple days early and spent a whole day at Disneyland. It had been awhile since we had been there and Lily really didn't remember too much about it so we thought we would at least give her a taste of it. What a great time we had! We tried to cram as much of it in as possible. The kids didn't want to waste time sitting down to eat (luckily the kids are older) so we just got churros, turkey legs, and pickles. Anything that we could eat while waiting in lines. . Can't wait to go again when we can spend a few days!