Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fun Family Fourth

On our way to the Stadium of Fire
My beautiful and talented girl.

Getting ready to dance.

Lexi had the opportunity to dance at the Stadium of Fire this year so we decided to make a vacation out of it. We stayed at a hotel in Provo and took her back and forth to the practices at the stadium. Paul, Carter, Lily, and I had fun swimming, shopping at the University Mall, playing outside, and going out to eat. We also saw the Freedom Festival Parade and in order to save our spot we found out we had to camp out on the night of the third. So Paul, Karl, and Bradley Rasmussen (our friends) camped out while me and the kids slept in the hotel. Paul and I had no idea how crazy it would be that night. It was like Spring Break only Provo-Style (G-PG rated). There were families and college students camped out all down University Ave. They had tents, projector screens with movies or video games on it, barbeques, and people singing and dancing. It was quite the atmospere. I had to check on Paul every once in a while (out my hotel window) throughout the night to make sure they were behaving themselves. He said they got about an hour and a half of sleep. The things we do for fun!!!
The Stadium of Fire was a blast! Lexi's dance was so cute. I was very impressed how they got 1300 dancers to be that in sync. Lexi said she will never forget that night. We thought the highlight of the night was going to be Miley Cyrus but it was everything but that. We loved the Blue Man Group and the fireworks the best. Carter thought the jets were pretty awesome as well. It was a worderful Fourth of July!


shantel said...

It looks good Nicole!Sounds like you had alot of fun.

suzie said...

way cool nicole! this is awesome...i love all the pictures. your kids are so cute...:o)