Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Back in the Swing of Things

Lexi and Carter's first day of school
Since I am new at this I'm trying to get caught up. On July 28th Lexi started 3rd grade and Carter started 1st grade on the 29th. Lexi absolutely loved it although she was a bit worried because she is 1 girl out of 7 that is in a class of 25 kids. That means a whole lot of boys! If you know Lexi, she still thinks boys are gross (thank goodness!)and so this will be quite the experience for her. All in all, so far she has done well so we will see if she changes her mind by the end of the year that boys aren't so bad. Dad is praying that it is at least another 5 years! Carter isn't so sure that a full day of school is for him. He would rather stay at home with Mom and Lily. He is my homebuddy. I am hoping with having his best friend in his class, Mom being his room-mother and me volunteering in the classroom, it will make the adjustment a little easier. Just when the kids started getting into a routine, they went off track. So here we are starting school again and getting back in the swing of things.


shantel said...

Lexi's class ratio sounds alot like Maddy's that stinks.If Pauls lucky he has 5 years Lexi's so pretty.Carter is looking pretty handsome himself.Cute pics.

Teresa said...

Hi Nichole, nice blog. I love the wallpaper. Don't worry, I still haven't blogged about my kids getting back to school.

nicole said...

hey teresa,
you will have to let me know what your blog is so I can read it and add to my list.