Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mommy, Wow! I'm a Big Girl Now!

Lily had her first day of dance and she was so excited that she gets to dance on stage like her big sister, Lexi. She loves her teacher, loves to practice her leaps and turns, and loves to wear her dance clothes and shoes.
Her friend Jane had a Pink Poodle Birthday Party. It was so cute. Each girl was given a pink poodle skirt to wear, their very own stuffed pink poodle to acessorize, "Doggie Kibble" to eat, they made their own doggie collars to wear with cute gems on them and pink doggie ears also. When she came home I had my very own Pink Poodle....Lily!
Lily's First Day of Preshool. She learned about the Letter A and ants.
Last week my baby girl started preschool, dance class, went to her first friend birthday party, and is officially potty-trained! Where does the time go? Lily was so excited for all the "big girl" things she got to experience, and of course mom was excited for her, but also wanted to cry my eyes out!


shantel said...

Lily is sooo stinking cute! I'm sure it was sad to see your baby doing all these big girl things.Good job Lily!

shantel said...

this is ashley im on my moms thingy
but any ways lily is a doll!!!i love her i cant belive how big she has got tell her to stop growing up so fast!!i miss u guys soo much!!and i love all u guys to!!ur blog is cute cute!

nicole said...

thanks Ashley! We miss you guys so much too. I was good hearing from you!