Monday, September 8, 2008

Summer! Summer! Summer!

Lily did not like the wave runners. They were "really scary", she preferred being on land playing in the sand with her cousins
Carter had a great time on the wave runners and didn't want to share with his sisters but we finally convinced him that he needed to to take turns.
Lexi loved it!
Kennecott Copper Mine
Check out thoses tires! We can't believe daddy drives a truck with tires that are that size. We went to the mine with Paul's family and here is a picture of the cousins.
We had a wonderful fun-filled summer and we are sad to see it go. Here are some of the highlights: We toured the Kennecott Copper Mine Visitor Center ( of course me and the kids wanted to see where Daddy worked) Those trucks are huge! Carter was ready to hop on one with Dad but was disappointed to find out that only the truck drivers were allowed in the pit and on the trucks. We were in awe how amazing the pit was. We also did some wave running at the lake. My parents bought some wave runners this summer. It was a fun little getaway. Lily wasn't too sure about them but she enjoyed playing in the sand. Paul is determined more than ever to buy some of our own - we will have to see. One of our favorite things that we do every year is go downtown, and whether it's with the the Hobbs family or with my family, we always go at least once. We usually ride Trax and visit Temple Square and Gateway to play in the fountains. This year we went with my sister and her kids. I always forget how beautiful Temple Square is this time of year. If I could make flowers grow like that in my yard I would be a happy woman! We also for the first time went to the Church History Museum. The kids loved it! They would have played in the kids area all day if we let them. If you haven't been, I suggest you take the time to go. The kid's area was so cute and it's free! And we can't forget about our annual trip to Cherry Hill with my family. We camped one night this time there and then spent the day at the water park. Lexi and Carter thought it was great that they got to off on their own (with older cousins of course or the buddy system). Lily was in heaven with her 3 cousins that her age. She spent the majority of the time at Pirate's Cove going down the slide only to turn right around and do it again and again. She still asks, "we go to Cherry Hill today?" We also went to The Dinosaur Museum, camped out in our backyard, had many BBQ's, went to movies, and played a lot of games. Yes, we are sad to see summer end, but ready to go back to school- at least Mom is anyway.

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shantel said...

Nicole you did an awesome job and the kids are growing sooo fast. It looks like you guys had a great summer. Lexi looked so cute in her costume. I wish we could have watch her perform.