Friday, October 24, 2008

High School Musical 3 - Girl's Day Out

So me and my girls went to see the long-awaited High School 3 movie. We went with about 20 moms and girls from our neighborhood on Friday afternoon. We are truly blessed to live in a great ward and community!
Lexi and Lily loved the show, and I have to admit it was contagious watching the smiles on my girl's faces and them dancing to the music, I had to join in. The movie was definitely cheesy- but I love cheesy. It is great how these movies have introduced this generation to musicals and have an appreciation for them. Lexi has gotten into more and more musicals since the first one came out and thinks people should break out into song and dance in every day life (hee,hee). She is a girl after my own heart. I am so thankful for the times I get to spend with my kids and experience the things that they enjoy, together.


Teresa said...

How fun! I think I'll have to take my kids to see that. I'll have to force Andrew in but even though he won't admit it, he loves the musicals. Are you doing anything for Twilight? Silly question, I know. Amanda want to go to a midnight showing.

shantel said...

How cute, Emily and I went to see it. We both enjoyed it!