Saturday, November 22, 2008

#4 I am Thankful for Sisters and Sister-in-Laws

My sil Rayma and I at Disneyland
My sis Angie, me, my sil Jen, my sis Wendy, sil Aubrey at Disneyland
My niece Annalee, friend Courtney and sil Pauline at the Twilight Movie
My sil Susan, sil Michelle and niece Jessica
Growing up I didn't have sisters, it wasn't until I was twenty that my mom married my dad and I got sisters. I now have 2 sisters and 8 sister-in-laws and I am so blessed to have each one in my life. They are amazing and talented women who have excepted me as a friend and a sister and for that I am very blessed! I have had so much fun with them whether it's scrapbooking, traveling, going to the movies, shopping,talking, etc. Thanks girls, I love you! Sorry, I don't have pictures of Shantel, Natalie, and Ashley.

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shantel said...

What a great idea to list all the many things your are grateful for I really enjoyed reading them all! I too am grateful for sisters and sister-in-laws where we would be without them?? It would be pretty lonely.