Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Very Harry Potter Halloween

We had a fantasic Halloween this year. We had the Hobbs' Family over to our house for a Harry Potter Halloween Party. Carter dressed up as Harry Potter (he made the absolute cutest Harry Potter ever!) The girls and I dressed up like witches, which was really fun since none of us has ever been a witch. Paul, of course didn't dress up seeing how he loves Halloween...not! He was a stinkin' Muggle(non magic person).
We had Butter Beer to drink, a crystal ball jello, the kids made spider cookies. We were going to have a lot of other Harry Potter foods but ran out of time so we settled for pizza. We played Harry Potter Scene it, Professor Lockhardt's Memory Game, but the hit of the night was when we played "Guess the Bertie Bott's Beans"(Thanks Rayma & Corey for supplying us with them). We sat in a circle and passed around a cauldron filled with a mixture of regular jelly beans and Bertie Bott's. Some of the flavors included earwax, dirt, soap,earthworm, dill pickle, and vomit! We played the Harry Potter Soundtrack and when the music stopped you had to close your eyes and take a bean out of the cauldron and taste it, and guess what it was. Everyone laughed and laughed except for the ones who got the disgusting ones.
I was lucky to only get a fruit flavored one. Paul was the biggest chicken- he ran the music and refused to taste anything. My husband is such a sport on Halloween but I love him anyway.
We also did a lot of other fun things for the month of October. We went to a Halloween Party my cute cousin Hayley threw. She went all out and was so creative. She made Mummy Pizzas, Snakey Hot Dogs, spider cookies, scarecrow cookies, dirt cups, spider ice cubes, and ants on a log. It was a lot of fun. We went to our ward carnival and Trunk-or Treat, we searched for The Great Pumpkin at the park, I forgot how much I loved that movie, it sure brought back a lot of memories- I always hope that Charlie Brown will get candy in his bag for once instead of ROCKS! Poor Kid.
We participated in the Neighborhood Boo and did extra houses because we had so much fun doing it. The kids had their parade and class parties on Halloween Day. Now on to Thanksgiving and Christmas Festivites!


Teresa said...

How fun! We did a Harry Party once before book 7 came out. Your kids, and you, look great. You have to watch out because those vomit beans look much like Tuiti Fruity, one of my favorites. Ich!

shantel said...

The girls looked so cute!! Carter's costume was great, he looked just like him. CUTE CUTE!!!

Corey said...

Thanks again, we had a great time!

Hillary Luke said...

What a fun party! The costumes are great. I wish I would've taken better halloween pictures.