Saturday, December 13, 2008

All aboard, for the Polar Express

My parents had their ward Christmas party this morning and since my dad was going to be Santa Claus there, they invited us. The theme was "The Polar Express". It was so cute. When we walked in, there were elves (the YM) that greeted us by a big train and gave the kids their tickets, the gym was decorated with huge snowflakes coming down from the ceiling and there was big cardboard houses so it looked like a neighborhood. So cute. They had all sorts of breakfast food to eat and a hot cocoa station with all sorts of flavors and mounds of marshmallows for us to add to our cocoa. They had a cute program that told the story of "The Polar Express" and musical numbers and then of course Santa arrived. Paul and I waited to see if the kids would catch on that Santa was really Grandpa. Carter caught on immediately and Lexi did after hearing his voice for a few minutes. We had to have a little conversation with Lexi and Carter that sometimes Santa needs special helpers to help him because he is so busy this time of year and that Grandpa was chosen to help because he is such a special and kind man. They thought it was so neat! Later tonight Lily whispered in my ear, "Grandpa's not the real Santa, huh?" She is a lot smarter than I thought. I didn't think she caught on today, but I underestimated her. I told her a very simplified version of what I told the older kids and she accepted that answer and she replied, " Oh good because Grandpa knows that I can be naughty sometimes but he loves me and so he won't tell the real Santa." I was in total shock. What a character that girl is!!! I of course told her that the real Santa knows all the time when she's good and bad. She didn't like that answer and stomped off. We also went to our ward party tonight and had a good time. It was a fun day.