Saturday, January 10, 2009

Basketball Carter

This is Carter when he had just turned 3. He had to have his pictures taken with his Vince "Carter" jersey.

As soon as Carter could talk, he called himself "Ba Ball Carter." He was litterly obsessed with the sport. He had a miniature basketball hoop and would play for hours on end practicing his "moves". I absolutely had a ball watching him.

To this day he loves the sport. He just started Jr. Jazz right before the holidays and is having the time if his life! These little boys are so fun to watch while they try to figure out all the rules to this game. The only thing that my sweet boy needs to learn is to be a little aggressive on the court, but a least he's having a great time!


Corey said...

That a boy Carter! The best basketball advise I can give you is shot the ball. Everytime you touch it, shot it, shot it shot it! Looks like a lot of fun!

Corey said...

I just realized I misspelled shoot (shot, sorry it's early)!