Monday, February 9, 2009

Tag: 25 Random Things About Me

1. I love to cook,, especially desserts.
2. I love to plan and host parties, I just wish a had the funds to really go all out!
3. I thought Paul was way too shy and a weirdo in the 5th Grade.
4. I bit my nails and toenails as a child.
5. I am a teen soap junkie (Dawson's Creek, 90210, One Tree Hill, The O.C., Felicity, Gilmore Girls)
6. I also love a good mystery.
7. I enjoy playing games.
8. I love teaching preschool, and want to do it full time.
9. I hate it when people crack their knuckles.
10. I am a major night owl.
11. I want to travel, travel, travel. I want to visit the New England states, New York, Hawaii, Italy, Israel, just to name a few.
12. I think my husband is a hottie!
13. I like reading people's blogs
14. I am deathly afraid of heights
15. I grit my teeth all the time, especially when I am sleeping.
16. I love water parks
17. I am not really into new babies. I like them about 5 months old.
18. LOVE Disneyland
19. I hope my girls don't go through all the female crap my mom and I have gone through.
20. When I sleep, I have to be in bed, has to be dark and quiet, and nobody touching me.
21. I hate cats! They give me the creeps!
22. I want to run a marathon. I just don't know where to start.
23. I think ice cream should be a main food group
24. I hate the dentist. I don't like my teeth cleaned, drilled, or anything. It grosses me out!
25. I am really starting to like camping.


Hillary Luke said...

It's fun to read about you. Some things I new, some I could've guessed, and some were news to me. Your family is darling! I hope everything is going well.

Hilary said...

When you go to Israel one day, take me! :-) I've always wanted to go there (and Egypt, anywhere in Europe, Russia, China, I wanna see Washington D.C. again, I really want to cruise to Alaska but people keep telling me I have to wait 'til I'm 65 or older . . . I just wanna travel!)