Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Go Jazz!!!

Paul and Carter are the biggest Jazz fans! They are also the biggest Deron Williams fans! Imagine their surprise when they went to the Jr. Jazz meets a Player and it was De Will himself! The kids got to asks him all sorts of questions like what's your favorite xbox game or what's your favorite movie in which he replied, "The Little Mermaid, I watched that one today with my littLe girls." Paul was actually impressed with him. He is really down to earth and was really cute with the kids. Now he is even more of a fan if that is possible. My boys had the time of their lives. Carter got to sit in the front row, got his autograph, and gave him a high five!
Last night for Jr. Jazz, Paul and Carter went with our neighbors to the Jazz game. Carter was able to get Kyle Korver's and Paul Milsap's autographs.
We are excited that the Jazz did so well this season and look forward to the play offs. GO JAZZ!!!!!

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