Wednesday, April 22, 2009

My Sleeping Beauty

So I'm finding out the my little girl sleep walks. Most of the time I catch her doing it but if I'm out cold I don't hear her walking around and later find her sleeping in weird places. She crawls in bed with Carter, lays on the bathroom rug, on the couch, on the kitchen rug, in the hallway, and other unusual places. Paul and I were discussing it one day and laughing and Lily asked what sleep-walking was. We explained to her what it was and she was horrified and said "Well, in the movie "Sleeping Beauty," She sleep walks up to the tower and gets her finger pricked and has to have a boy kiss her to wake her up!"
We don't know what she thought was worse getting her finger pricked or getting kissed by a boy. It was a good laugh. Carter also sleep walks, but usually it's before I go to bed and I have to watch him close because I never know where he's going to go to the bathroom. Whatever it is, it makes for an exciting night.

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Teresa said...

That must be a Hobbs gene!