Monday, May 25, 2009

Can't Believe It's Over Again.

Well, the kids went off track and are back in school one last time before the school year is out. We have had an enjoyable time and can't figure out where the time went between swimming lessons, Lily's birthday, Memorial Day, St. George, playing at the parks, neighborhood water gun fights, reading Harry Potter, and playing, playing, playing (they did do their chores because I insisted). It was a lot of fun and I can't believe it's over!

We finally got our trampoline up the day the kids went back to school. They have been anticipating this for almost three summers. We finally got our yard somewhat done so we could set it up. This will keep them busy this summer! Can't wait for the five of us to sleep out on it this year.
We had a fun Memorial Day. My parents invited us over for a BBQ. Jeff and Aubrey brought their waterslide which the kids absolutely loved. It was fun visiting, eating, and playing.

Cam and Ashley on the swing

My cute grandmother

Zach and Wendy
Greg and Jen with the kids

Alexis and Carter took swimming lessons again. They are really doing well and had a blast! Lexi has come a long way since she has always been afraid of water. She still won't go under the water for very long but her technique is awesome. She especially loves the dolphin kick. Carter is doing amazing and is a little fish.

At the Skate Park

Carter has been asking to go to the New Skate Park by our house since the school year has started. I hadn't found a great time to go because it usually is very crowded and there are a lot of teenage boys there of course with some not-so-nice vocabulary that I didn't want my children exposed to. So I finally had a brilliant idea to go while they were idea ever! It was not crowded at all because all the older kids are in school. We packed lunches and invited our friends that are on the same track to go with us. It was a big hit, we were there for three hours and finally pried my kids's little fingers off the handle bars of their bikes and scooters so we could go home because we were all so sunburned. We thought we would go again before school started but ran out of time.

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Teresa said...

I remember sleeping on the neighbors tramp when we were kids. How fun. They are so much nicer and safer now days.