Friday, June 5, 2009

DaNcE FeStIvAl

Every year since Lexi was in kindergarten their school has done a Dance Festival at the end of the school year. Each grade gets to do a dance from a specific decade. The kids had fun learning about that decade and the music and "funny clothes" that were worn. It is such a fun tradition and can't help feeling a little nastalgic as I watched the 6th graders dance to Michael Jackson, Madonna, Erasure and The Thompson Twins while wearing leg warmers, leggings, neon colors, and crimped hair. Gotta love those 80's!
Alexis got to do the 50's "Hand Jive" from the movie "Grease" in her poodle skirt and all. Carter danced to the "Twist" from the 60's. They both had a great time and a fabulous job!

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Hilary said...

That sounds like so much fun . . . the pics are really cute too!