Saturday, June 27, 2009

No Lazy Days Of Summer So Far

No lazy days of summer for our family yet. The kids are still in school and we have had many fun events and activites so far. One of the anticipated events for our family is Paul's brother Mike and family came from Minnesota to stay for three weeks. We hadn't seen them for over a year and Lexi was so excited to see her cousin Madisyn. It was so good to see them. We had a lot a fun over the next few weeks. It was sad to see them go back home.

Here are few of the things we have done so far and can't wait for Part 2 of summer!

We went to the Bosworth Family Reunion Lots of good food, potato sack races, games, rain, family, and more rain.

4 Generations. Paul, his mom Rayma, his grandma, and Carter

Some of the cousins

Carter lost his 3rd tooth thanks to Aunt Wendy. It had been loose for a very long time, but the thing did not want to come out. It only took Wendy maybe two seconds to pull it out. He was excited to go home and put it under his pillow for the Tooth Fairy!
For Father's Day Paul got "Guitar Hero". He was so excited to rock out with the family. I love you sweetie, thanks for being the best dad and husband!

That day we went to Paul's sister Rayma's house for dinner. We had a blast playing "Guitar Hero" with everyone. My kids favorite one to do is "The Eye Of The Tiger".

Grandpa and Emily playing a little Fuz Ball.
We went with my brother Cam, his wife Ashley, and their baby Cameron to "Taylorsville Dayz". They had this guy who was a Neil Diamond impersonator who did a concert there. Can I just say, "AWESOME!" Cam and I grew up with Neil Diamond because my mom is a big fan and because of that we are too. I remember dancing and singing with my brothers and cousins to the Jazz Singer album. So fun! Anyway, this guy was amazing and ended with (of course) to the song "America" and kicked off the firework show! Loved It! The firework show was really good and was really impressed. We will difinately be going next year!

My brother Cam and his baby Cam watchin the fireworks.

We went to Murray Park Swimming Pool with Paul's family. Loads of Fun!

This is my neice AnnaLee jumping off the diving board. Susan was teaching everyone how to do flips and such. Unfortuneatly, at the end Paul slipped on the diving board and broke his toe in TWO places, twisted his knee, and the back of his leg all scratched up. Crazy.
The Three Musketeers....McKenzie,Maddie, Lexi
AnnaLee, Susan, And Ashley.

We went to Classic Fun Center. We did the Bounce Zone, the Jungle, and did the water slides. Lily and my nephew Braden weren't sure about the Bounce Zone at first but after Aunt Susie helped them climb some of the big things they became "pros" and absolutely loved it! We couldn't them to try anything else for quite awhile.

McKenzie and Madisyn slept over. The girls were excited to watch the premeire of Disney's "Princess Protection Program" with Lexi's favorite new star, Selena Gomez. They set up blankets, popped popcorn, and made cookies in preparation for the movie. It was really cute! It was a fun sleepover.
The next morning we went to our town's parade. The kids loved the candy of course, the floats, policemen on motorcycles, and seeing many of their friends in the parade.

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