Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hurray! The Last Day of School.

So Thursday was Alexis and Carter's last day of school. Lexi has had a very hard time with it being over as she does every year because she absolutely LOVES school. This year has been especially hard because she has had the most AMAZING teacher. The two of them had a very special connection and Mrs Hoffman told me that day that she was holding Lexi back next year so she could have her in her class again, I told her that she should teach the 4th grade. We are still negotiating.
I am excited for all that summer brings! BBQ's, 4th of July, swimming, soaking up the sun, late summer nights, Cherry Hill, movies in the park, parades, camping, and spending time as a family.

Here are the kids with their teachers.

Carter's class had a fun little program and each kid was presented with an award. Miss Cook (his teacher) made a slide show of the year's highlights which we watched and each kid got a copy to take home. It was really cute and something Carter will enjoy forever.
Carter got the award for "Most Careful Worker". He is too much like his mom..a perfectionist!
The kids were signing each other's class shirts.

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