Saturday, August 29, 2009

Goodbye Summer, We Will Miss You!

Summer, oh how we will miss you! As it comes to an end, we will take one last moment to remember the fun times. The swimming, popcicles, Cherry Hill, camping out in the backyard, bbq's with so many family and friends, fireworks, Paul's broken toe from the diving board, and the Harry Potter movie. We had a busy but simple summer. One we will never forget!
Here are a few of the last things we did for Summer 2009:

We spent the day at Thanksgiving Pointe and did the Dinosaur Museum with my sister and her kids and then went to the Farm. It had been a long time since we had been to the farm (before Lily was born). The kids really enjoyed it and thought the pony rides were awesome.

For Paul's Birthday he had the day off so we took Lily (the oldest two were at school) and went to Tracy Aviary. The weather was overcast and it made it the perfect time to be there. We then went to Paul's fave Mexican restaurant an that night I made a yummy dinner and Peach cobbler ( his favorite) to top it off. Happy 33rd Sweetie, Love you too much!

We went to the Salt Lake County Fair with my sister-in-law Rayma and her kids. The kids had fun at the little petting zoo and loved the Wii tent where the were trying out the new Wii Resort Game. We will definitely have to buy that one, it was so much fun! We didn't do much else outside because a HUGE wind storm came in and the dust was horrible! I couldn't wait to go home and brush the dirt out of my teeth.

Bring on Fall!!!!!!!!!!!!

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