Sunday, September 6, 2009


So I am so excited for this Wednesday night. A new show called "Glee" will be on. I just happened to catch the pilot right after the season finale of American Idol. It is about a group of misfits in high school who start a singing club. If you like music from Journey and Air Supply than this is a show for you. I have always loved shows with singing and dancing and put in a little comedy and drama to the mix and Voila! You've got a good show on your hands. So, I am anxiously waiting for Wednesday night to see what is in store for us this season. Hopefully, they will keep it clean and it will be something we can sing along to.

You can see some of the songs on You Tube. Check it out!


Hilary said...

I watched the pilot for this the other day! I'm hoping too that it stays something fun to watch . . . I've even watched the youtube clips with Annie a few times!

Ann said...

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