Friday, September 25, 2009

The Last One

Well, my sister Wendy, the baby of our family got married last week. She is #7 and is the last one of us to get hitched. We are so happy for her. The day turned out beautiful and we all had a lot of fun celebrating! The kids looked so cute in their outfits. My mom made the gorgeous dresses (11 to be exact), too bad I didn't inherit that talent.... but the girls felt like princesses! Thanks mom for your blood, sweat,and tears!! We enjoyed all the normal wedding traditions- eating cake, visiting with loved ones, and dancing the night away! Lily had the most fun dancing and on the way home she said, " I had the best moves huh Mom?!"
May you have a wonderful life together, Wendy and Zach!

The Newly Weds and the nieces and nephews.

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