Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hop On The VaMpIrE Wagon!

O.K., so I am one of those crazy, fanatical, "Twilight Moms". There, I said it! Loved the books, and love having a connection with women young and old who also enjoy them. The movie and books were a lot of fun and love Stephenie Meyer's take on the "Vampire World" and of course, LOVE.
I don't usually get into things like vampires and werewolves, and especially have NEVER liked anything scary-related. I am a BIG chicken! Never have liked scary movies or haunted houses, even when it was "Cool" in jr. high and high school.
So why can't I get enough of vampires? And now it seems the world has the same problem I do. The CW just premiered a new show called, "The Vampire Diaries". It airs Thurs.@ 7 PM on CW 30.

I soooooo wasn't going to watch it because I thought it was copying Twilight and that it would be scary but, my totally cute neighbor Hilary said she and her sisters were watching it and enjoying it and my totally cute neighbor Jen had recorded it and talked me into watching it with her. It actually has been fun to watch, it might be because of Halloween coming up, and it is definitely more intense than Twilight (I have to watch it with my friend every week because it is scary).
So being intrigued with it all, a few of us started reading the books....yes, it is based on a series, and I just finished the first one. They're pretty good and easy reads. The author actually wrote these long before Stephenie Meyer had her dreams of Bella and Edward and there are some similarities but very different too. So if your not already on it, jump on the "Vampire Wagon" with the rest of us and enjoy the ride!

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