Sunday, November 1, 2009


October came and went too fast. We had our fun family trip to Minnesota at the beginning of the month and then the rest was filled with Halloween Festivities. We went on a Witch Hunt in Gardener Village, went to a couple Halloween parties, trunk-or-treats, carnivals, and a pumpkin patch. We made a lot of fun food and treats, watched our favorite Halloween movies, had some great fhe, and of course, went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood for awhile and then went to Paul's sister's to do some more with them and my brother's family met up with us.

Lexi the Pirate

Carter the Ninja
Lily as Minnie Mouse
Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!


Hilary said...

They're all so cute! I loved the costumes . . . and you're such an awesome Mom to make such a big, fun deal out of all things Fall!

Hillary L said...

Happy Halloween! I wish life wasn't so busy that we could get together more often. Your kids are darling!