Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Spirit of Christmas

We hope your family had a very wonderful holiday season! Our family made many exciting memories, unfortunately my camera broke at the beginning of Dec. and after just buying a fridge and printer for our computer, the camera will have to wait. I am saving up for a really nice one because I am tired of the cheap ones breaking on me. So lets hope we had enough fun that it will always stick out in my children's minds throughout the years.

We spent the month watching Christmas movies, going to the Festival of Trees, In-N-Out Burger, shopping for Sub for Santa, making many fun crafts, writing love notes to one another and putting them in each other's stockings to read on Christmas morning, taking Carter and Lexi to The Forgotten Carols (AMAZING)! Before bedtime each night we would take turns hiding the three wisemen in a different room in our house so they could find them and by the time it was Christmas Eve they were with baby Jesus (not the true story, I know) but the kids really enjoyed it and it will be a tradition we will do for years to come.

Paul and I really tried to focus most of our activites on service and Jesus Christ. It was truly a wonderful feeling to feel the spirit that filled our home this year! My children enjoyed it so much and commented many times on how this was the best Christmas ever!

I am so thankful for my Savior Jesus Christ! My heart is so full when I think of Him, His life, His Atoning Sacrifice, and His love for me and my family!

We love you all, Merry Christmas!

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