Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Week

Lexi and Carter were off-track for the week of Valentine's Day so they missed out on class Valentine's parties at school. I was worried that they would miss out on the fun but our ward did a Valentine's primary activity and the Relief Society did a fun Mom & Me Valentine's activity also. I was already doing a party for my preschool class and so I told them they each could invite a friend that was also off-track to the party. They went with me to pick out all the decorations and party favors at the store and planned all the activities. Here is what they came up with.........

They chose these cute buckets for everyone to put all their Valentine's in. They picked out cups and heart straws, they served sprite with heart shaped punch ice cubes, they had everyone decorate sugar cookies, exchange Valentines, they gave everyone squirt guns, stickers, lip gloss rings, bubbles, pencils, candy, and erasers.

They played a version of "Don't Eat Pete' with conversation candy hearts
They played "Pin the Heart on the Octopus"
They made these cute Valentine's for someone special.
They also played Bingo, Giggle Belly, Do You Love Your Neighbor?, Musical Hearts, and Freeze Dance. It was a huge success! We had so much fun planning it together and Lexi has already started planning our St. Patrick's party for next month.
Valentine's Day Morning, Paul and Lexi made a fun breakfast. It consisted of pink heart-shaped waffles with strawberry jam, strawberry milk to drink, eggs and bacon. It was delish!
Paul went shopping the night before and planned a fancy dinner for that night. He invited his parents, sister Pauline, and her boyfriend Danny. Lexi wanted to set the table all festive. Being Sunday, we dug up what we could around the house. She did a good job and had a lot of fun being creative.

The steak and shrimp was heavenly! We had a wonderful day and wonderful week spending time with some of the people we love!

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