Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Month of May

Lexi and Carter were off track for a few weeks in May so we decided to head towards the warm weather. We found St. George. Oh, the high 80's and low 90's  felt so good! We spent most of the time relaxing by the pool soaking up the delicious sun!  It was wonderful!

We took time out from swimming and visited the Wildlife Museum, Brigham Young's winter home, Nielsen's Frozen Custard, and Zion's Park.
The Wildlife Museum was really interesting. They gave the kids binoculars so they could explore. The animals were set up in different areas in their natural habitats. Carter couldn't get enough. He loves learning about ALL animals. Paul and I learned quite a bit also. At one point, while we were walking through it the lights were all turned off and thunder and lightning flashed. We could hear sounds from different animals, and Carter says, "What if this is like Night at the Museum, and all the animals come to life?" We all stood there for a moment looking around at all the wildlife we were completely surrounded by and our imagination got the best of us and totally freaked us out!!! Poor Lily!  I don't know if we will ever get her to go in another museum again. It was quite an adventure!

Brigham Young's Winter Home was fun to walk through. A missionary couple gave us a tour and we learned lots of neat tidbits about the prophet and where St George got it's nickname, "Dixie".

This was the first time the kids visited Zion's National Park. They were in awe by the huge red cliffs and Lexi commented on how you could not know there was a God  because of all His beautiful creations.
We saw the Zion's Movie on this huge screen (actually, it is the biggest screen in North America) It was awesome! The movie showed us places in the narrows that you wouldn't normally see and gave us a neat history of the native americans, their legends, and when they introduced it to the mormon missionaries.

It was a fun little get-away!


Lily's favorite books right now are the Fancy Nancy series. If you haven't heard of them, then I suggest you
check them out! They are fabulous (that's a fancy word for great)!

It is about a little girl named Nancy who makes everything fancy, from her clothes and accessories to her very ordinary and plain family. What I especially love is it broadens children's vocabulary immensely! Lily says the cutest things and it makes me ecstatic (that's a fancy word for happy)!
Lily and I decided to theme her 5th birthday around Fancy Nancy. The options are limitless! We had so much planning it. My friend made darling invites for her and my friend and I learned how to make tutus for our girls to wear. At the party, there was 14 little girls (CRAZY)!! They came in their fanciest ensembles (that's a fancy word for clothes) and my sisters painted their nails while I read the book that introduces Fancy Nancy. We played "Fancy Freeze Dance" and then made candy necklaces. There had strawberries and wafer cookies, nut and mint cups, and strawberry lemonade. Instead of a cake, Lily insisted on an ice cream parfait bar ( that's fancy for ice cream sundaes) since those are Fancy Nancy's favorite! It was crazy, but Lily thought it was great! Next year she wants a rock star party with hot pink and zebra.....we will see.  Happy
Birthday cute girl!!!

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