Sunday, June 27, 2010

Twilight Bridal Shower

My sister-in-laws, nieces, and I had a fun time planning and giving a shower for Paul's baby sister, Pauline. We decided to theme it around the Twilight Series. So awesome! We asked the guests to bring gifts that they(Pauline and Danny) could use during different times of the day: Twilight, Breaking Dawn, Midnight Sun, a New Moon....some were very creative! The night before, Lexi and her two cousins slept over at our house and made "Twilight Tutus" to wear. They did a great job and had fun. I made one for Lily also. I also found Twilight t-shirts on clearance for a dollar and bought me and the older girls all one ( they were too big for Lily).

  They also painted their fingernails and toenails red, white, and black.
Here they are:

For the refreshments we had Rosalie's Werewolf Kibble (muddy buddies) in a doggie bowl, Cullen's Vegetarian Tray, blood-red sherbet and sprite drink, and red velvet cupcakes. I also found these fun printable quotes from the books at and put them in frames to decorate with.
My cupcakes turned out awesome until I put the chocolates hearts on them, they were too heavy and smashed the frosting. Next time I will have to use a way smaller heart mold. They are still cute though.

   My banner turned out pretty cute too.

For favors we did homemade heart suckers with this label I found at

Paul's mom and sisters

Here's the happy couple. We played this game at the shower and asked Danny, "What character are you most like in the Twilight series and why?" He answered, " Edward, because I'm pale. No, actually Jacob because I'm hairy".   Funny!!
We wish you two love and happiness for time and all eternity!!


Hilary said...

That is just beyond creative and amazing! You should get into party planning or something!

Snap said...

Looks like fun!

Hillary L said...

How creative! What a lot of work, but for a great cause.