Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wedding Day Bliss

There is just something about weddings that make me feel all giddy inside!!!  I don't know if it's seeing two people who are hopelessly in love and wanting to spend their lives together, spending the day with family and friends, eating scrumptious cake, seeing all the beautiful decorations, or going to the temple. I love it all!

Paul's youngest sister Pauline was married on Tues. so it was especially exciting for us. I have known her since she was eight and watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. We have become really close and feel like she is just as much my little sister as she is Paul's. She picked a wonderful guy to spend the rest of her life with and all eternity, and he fits perfectly into the family! Congrats, Pauline and Danny!!!

My parents host at the Joseph Smith Building and made it work to be stationed by where the bride and groom come out of the temple so they could see Pauline and Danny.

It was a fabulous day!


Hilary said...

Love all the pictures! That one of Paul with the girls is just adorable! Priceless!

Snap said...

You and Paul both look so good in these pictures! And so does Pauline, of coarse.