Monday, October 18, 2010

Too Close For Comfort

Just a few weeks ago a wildfire hit way to close to our home. I can't tell you what a scary thing it was for our family and community! We were evacuated from our home for a day and a half.  We are so blessed to have our home. It was also a great learning experience for Paul and I and our children as well. We learned how each of us would react in an emergency- Paul and Lexi were the calm, collected ones. Without them we wouldn't have packed the important stuff (nothing really is that important as long as everyone is safe). Carter and Lily were the hysterical ones. I cant' imagine being their age and seeing 60 foot flames coming down the mountain outside our backyard. Lily was pretty traumatized for a week. I was the one in denial. I thought my husband was crazy for packing up the computer, the photo albums, etc., hours before we were actually evacuated.  Later he said that he just had a weird feeling when he was coming home from church and before the fire had come up and over the mountain that he should pack a few things.  It took me awhile before I thought it was anything serious.  
I really need look to my husband ( the priesthood holder), I know that he was prompted for a reason and he was protecting our family. 
This experience has urged us to become more prepared.  We are working on our food storage more, storing important documents where it is easy access and also preparing our family-spiritually. I know that  if we are prepared, we need not worry.

Here is a picture of the fire that night right above our home.

                          This is right from our backyard, as the fire crept up over the mountain.

                                    Sorry this came out so blurry-still trying to get used to my camera.
The Aftermath
                 This is the mountain above our house a day later. It is amazing what it burned and what it didn't burn. I can't believe only a very few homes perished. My heart goes out to the families of those homes.

                            I can't wait for our beautiful mountain to be green again and to see the brilliant colors of fall cover it!

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