Saturday, November 20, 2010

Susan's Seuss-ed Up Baby Shower

I hosted a Dr. Seuss baby shower for my sister-in-law Susan last weekend. Can I just tell you how fun this theme was! My sister-in-laws and I had so much fun planning it! The possibilities are endless.

                                          The invites were darling. Rayma made them. She made them to look like a book. I don't have a pic of them but she had a really cute font and some cute Dr. Seuss images. this is what it said:

Big B little b     b....B....b
Bouncing Baby Boy
Big S little S      S....s....S
Susan's Seuss'ed-up Shower

Oh the palces she'll go
Oh the places she'll see
Because you know
A mother she'll be.

Don't be late for her party
We know you are a smart-y

Now you have the power
and 3 is the hour

                                 Here is the mom-to-be in her Sneetch themed shirt that I made.
                    For the food we had different things that represented some of our favorite books.

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish
The punch was blue with different colors of sweedish fish, we had a bowl of colored Goldfish crackers also.

Green Eggs and Ham
Green Deviled Eggs. Ham sandwiches, and a veggie and fruit tray called "Greens and Other Things"

The Cat in the Hat
Cupcakes with  The cat's hat and Thing 1 and Thing 2

                                         The cotton candy started to disolve and got  flat before I had time to take picture
                                         they were really cute at the beginning. next time I will put the cotton candy on the
                                         very last!

Pauline made the cutest advice book that we put on The Cat in the Hat table where everyone could write some advice for the new mom. We put a real goldfish by it, like in the book and put little words of advice on the fish bowl (again, it's in the book) We had a few more fish bowls with goldfish all around the house with advice on them and we actually used them as prizes for people to take home with them!

We played 3 games:

There's A Wocket in My Pocket
This one was just a simple memory game where I bought a whole bunch of small baby items like diaper rash ointment, teething ring, etc.; then a put some really small items like a Q-tip, band aid, nail clippers and put them on a tray or cookie sheet. Give the guests 30 seconds to look at it and then take it away. They have to remember and write down as many items they can to win!

Do You Know Your Doctor?
Rayma, my sis-in-law, was in charge of this game.  She said that we all get to know our Dr.(OB/GYN) very well during those nine months of pregnancy (isn't that the truth!!)
For this game she had a whole bunch of sayings or quotes from numberous Dr. Seuss books, that we had to guess.

"You Are In Good Shape, For the Shape You're In"
-Dr. Seuss

We actually didn't have time to play this one but I thought it was cute. You just use string or yarn and guess how big the mommy-to-be's belly is.

The Gift Table:
The ABC Book

We had a Lorax table, because this is Susan's fave Dr. Seuss book.

                                For the favor table we did  Horton Hears a Who and Horton Hatches the Egg

For the favors we made chocolate nests with a mini Cadburry egg on it wrapped in a clear celephane bag. Tied onto it was a poem that Pauline wrote with Horton the elephant on it.
It said:
We're glad that you came.
We're glad all the same.
Now that the time is all spent
We want you to know
We mean what we say
We say what we mean.
We are so Grateful, 100%!

We had a fun time! I am so thankful for great sister-in-laws! We have so much planning these get togethers!
We are all so excited for Susan and Tony and baby Will!


Lori's Family said...

This looks amazing! What a fun party. You are getting to be quite the party planner pro. You did a fantastic job, so cute!

Teresa said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun. Sorry I missed it, Amanda had drama in a bunch of places :(

Tiffany said...

Hey! I stumbled across your blog through Hilary's! Such a darling party!! You're SO creative - I need to hire you next time I have to host something. :)

Hillary L said...

That is too cute! I can't believe all the darling ideas. How fun!