Monday, December 27, 2010

The Hustle and Bustle

I can't believe how fast the time has gone! I haven't even posted Thanksgiving yet and Christmas is just a few days away! We have been so busy but it has been great! We have made a lot of memories and spent some quality time as a family.  Here are just some of the highlights:
Lily received the "Principal Pride" award for doing Wonderful Quality Work at school. We had to go early in the morning for a little recognition assembly. She is doing amazing!

Lexi got to show us what her dance team is working on for competition. Her jazz, hip hop, and lyrical routines are going to be so neat. This is Lexi's first year in competition and with this dance company. Paul and I have been impressed so far and Lexi is working so hard and loving every minute of it!

                   Her dance team also had a visit from Santa. The kids were anxious to talk with him!

We also enjoyed my side of the family's Christmas party.  We ate delicious food, played many games including: Around-the -World ping pong, Crazy Sixes, and the adults had a White Elephant Swap- it was hilarious!!!

Paul and I are always trying to find new traditions for our family. We decided to try out the "Zoo Lights"this year. We were pleasantly surprised how much fun we had, even though it was FREeziNg!!! They had many heaters throughout the park,  indoor areas, and yummy hot cocoa to keep us going. The lights were darling.  The kids also got to visit with Santa and confirm for the last time what they would like to receive Christmas morning.  We also got to feed Prancer and Comet.  It was fun to also see some of the nocturnal animals out and around.  The best was that the 4 tigers (my absolute fave animal) were out playing with a ball on a string on their hind legs and passing it to each other!!! It was amazing!!!! Usually during the day when we have visited they are usually hidden and asleep. So cool!!!

Carter's favorite time of the year is here once again! JR. JAZZ TIME! He has an extra bonus this time, Paul gets to coach. They are both excited and have so much fun together. I love my boys!!!

In the second game he played, Carter had to make some foul shots. He made one out of the two, had quite a few assists, 2 more baskets, and played great defense.  Way to start out the season, Bud!!!

Lily had "Elf Day " at Kindergarten today.  She came home and had so many stories to tell. I love how excited she is about school and so happy about all her new adventures, things she has learned, and friends she has made. It brings me such joy to listen to her each day as she comes home from school!

 Lily and her friend Boston. They are so cute!

Even though it has been crazy, we have had so much fun with all the traditions and everything else. I wouldn't change it for anything! Can't wait wait to see what the next few weeks have in store for us!

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