Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So Clearly Now

Well I think it was inevitable, at least one of our kids was going to be cursed with the Hobbs genes -their eyesight to be exact. So far, most of all the oldest grandchildren have had to have glasses at a pretty young age. Lexi came home from school with a paper saying she failed the eye exam. I didn't realize how much she was struggling with seeing the board at school and other things.  She was upset she was going to have to wear glasses but changed her mind when she saw the difference they made! Look how cute she looks too!


Jocelyn said...

Oh she looks darling! I know it is kind of hard when your kid has to get glasses :( But that feeling "Oh I can see!" is the best!

Teresa said...

Super cute. I need to get my kids in to be checked, uhg.

Snap said...

Nice! She looks super cute, and oh so smart!