Friday, February 18, 2011

January and February Updates

It has been busy, busy, busy again. I am beginning to think that life will never slow down. I guess I am at that time of my life. I just need to get in, buckle up, enjoy the few scenic parts of the ride, and hold on for dear life at the sudden bursts of speed and ups and downs! But life is great, and so thankful to be a part of all of it!

The kids as always have been very busy with school and extra curricular activities.

LEXI- has been practicing and practicing for dance competitions. They are coming up so soon and we are anxious to see all the amazing progress she is making! Last week she had the opportunity to dance at RHS JV's basketball halftime. It was exciting and great practice for competition.

She also graduated from the D.A.R.E. Program at school.

CARTER- Just finished Jr. Jazz. He had an amazing season. He got really close to his team mates and are planning to be all on the same team next year-with Paul as the coach again.
He received his Wolf badge, his Religious Square Knot, and 1Gold and 5 silver arrows in Cub Scouts. Way to go Buddy!

He also participated in his 3rd Grade's Wax Museum, This is a book report that they do. They pick someone from history, read about them, make a poster to display, dress up like them, and stand still like a statue as parents and the rest of the school walk through "The Wax Museum".  Carter chose to do his on Harry Houdini. I didn't realize how interesting that guy was. We had a lot of fun working on this together!

LILY- Had her VIP at school this week (Spotlight). I got to go visit her class and talk all about her. She was ecstatic that the day was all about her! We made a poster:

and we made little gift bags for everyone in her class filled with treats and prizes
Of course we did the whole "ZEBRA" theme because Lily absolutely loves zebras and anything with zebra print!

She also had a fabulous Valentine's Day party that I got to help with

 She also had strep throat and then was covered from head-to-toe with hives from the antibiotic.

We had a Super Bowl Party because the PACKERS were in it and I am surrounded by huge fans in this family!! Go PACKERS!
I am finding out that Lexi is quite the baker. She made these treats by herself with me just giving her instructions. The decorating was all her! She did an amazing job!

We had a great time with many family and friends!

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