Sunday, March 27, 2011

Is It Too Late???

So I am FINALLY posting Thanksgiving. I was looking through my picture library and realized I never did write about our fabulous trip! My Uncle Darryl and Aunt Chris were so sweet- They invited us to their amazing cabin in Island Park for Thanksgiving. This was quite an event for my kids since none of them had ever been snowmobiling. Going up to Island Park is one of my fondest childhhood memories and  I was so excited to share it with my kids and Paul!

 We spent the days and nights snowmobiling, drinking hot cocoa, playing card games, eating, baking, watching movies in the theatre room, laughing, eating, watching the big football games on t.v., making beaded watch bands, playing the WII, ping pong, and more eating. The kids actually went out and chopped down a Christmas tree so we could decorate it. They thought that was the BEST!

The kids were "Pros" from the start. They loved the snowmobiles and it was hard to get them off!

Here are a few pictures of the cabin. As you can see it was AMAZING! The kitchen was my favorite. It had two of everything because my aunt and uncle entertain so much.

Lexi , Carter, and Lily made instant friends with my cousins' kids. It made it even more amazing!

My cousin Stephanie had the a cute turkey food/craft for the kids to do on Thanksgiving morning. They "gobbled" it up so fast, I had to hurry and take pictures!

                    Here are some of the adults playing one of several rounds of "Hand and Foot."

                               And Darryl, my dad, and Paul watching a Jazz or football game.

                               My grandma, Stephanie, and Chris making beaded watch bands.

And finally here is the tree the kids went out into the forest and chopped down for us.

We have so MUCH to be thankful for! Thank you Uncle Darryl and Aunt Chris for the wonderful memories!

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Hillary Luke said...

I'm glad you posted pictures. Love the family picture and your hats. I'm excited your mom is making all the girls in my fam hats! Miss ya!