Saturday, July 9, 2011

Summer Begins with a SpLaSh!

Cherry Hills time again!!! My kids look forward to this ALL year long!
Some of our favorite things are: 
                                                             Relaxing by the pool........


                                             .....and in the pool (both are FaBuLoUs).

Racing each other down the blue slides


Seeing how funny we can make Grandpa look by painting his fingernails and toes

                                               What a good sport he is too!

          Laughing, eating yummy food, playing games, watching movies at the campsite

                                                                 Tye-dying T-shirts

But being ALL TOGETHER is the BEST part of all!

                 Thanks Grandpa and Grandmother for making this the BEST tradition!

1 comment:

Snap said...

How fun is that! I bet your kids were in heaven! I love grandpa nails, too funny! You guys look great. Let's get together soon!