Friday, November 4, 2011

It's MARIO Time!! Game On!

(This post is very late, I started working on it a few months ago)

So my baby turned 6! She is almost done with kindergarten and making plans already to go to 1st grade, ride the bus with her brother and sister, and eat lunch in the cafeteria.

She had a great birthday. The older kids woke her up before they went to school to give her breakfast in bed, and let her open her gifts from us.

Paul had the day off and we took Lily and Cam J. to McDonald's for lunch before she headed to school. That night she picked to go to Frogurt for dessert.

I don't know if you know this, but Lily is a HUGE video game nut!!! It is so funny because my other two kids like to play them once in awhile but are not addicted. Lily on the other hand can be a little on the extreme!! She loves playing the WII and her DS. Her absolute favorite game to play is SUPER MARIO BROTHERS.  We only had it on the WII and finally for her birthday she received the game on DS so she wouldn't hog the tv all the time! I am telling you this because it will explain the rest of my story.

I had had a little birthday party planned for her that themed around "Zebras" because as you know she LOVES them. It was going to be very simple and we were going to invite a few little girls from our neighborhood. As I was almost done with the finishing touches and going to make invites. Lily came to me late one night and looked as though she was really struggling with a delima. I asked what was wrong. She told me that she didn't know what to do about her party because if we did "zebras" it was way too girly and some of her best friends were boys. She then asked very meekly if she could have a "Super Mario Brothers" theme instead.  I could tell that this had been weighing on her and knew that it was important to her, so of course I agreed.
Lily had school off that Friday for testing and so we decided to invite some of the kids around the neighborhood for a party. It actually turned out rather well for the little time I had.  The ideas are endless. I wish I would have had more time to plan because you can do some dang, cute things for that theme!
Here is what we came up with-

Here is the back drop I came up with the night before the party at about 8:00 pm. Some of my best ideas come last minute and end up doing a quick version of the idea. I also use supplies I already had since going to the store that late is out of the question. It all turned out pretty good for not having much time and Lily was ecstatic with the results.

  Here are the favor bags I made using felt and made my own pattern for the characters. They turned out pretty fun!! I filled them with chocolate gold coins, black Bomb-O bouncy balls, Super Mario Brothers Fruit snacks, Mario and Luigi suckers.( My kids always pick themes that are IMPOSSIBLE to find stuff for) I love a good challenge because it makes you get REAlly creative!! Of course, a month later I was at Zucher's and guess what they just put on the shelves?! SUPER MARIO BROTHERS everything- Plates, cups, party favors. Oh well.

Here are the bubbles I gave out. I just modge podged a pic of Mario on it (sorry, it's kind of blurry.)

Lily wanted to be Princess Peach. We already had the dress. Pretty dang cute!

We played the game, "Pop the Goombas" (they are the owl-like things that you have to jump on in the game) We used brown balloons and stuck paper gold coins in them and the kids had to go pop them and collect the coins.

We played "Yoshi's Egg Relay"

We also played, "Watch Out for King Boo" (like Red Light, Green Light).

We also did a pinata.

We did "Power-Up" cupcakes


Snap said...

You are the best party planner I know! So fun!

Hillary Luke said...

Are you kidding me! This is DARLING!!!!! I need to get started now so I can plan cute stuff for my girls. The boys get parties next year.