Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Month Of December

What a whirlwind this month! It was very crazy to say the least. The kids were off track the whole month of December and in a lot of ways it was a lot of fun. We didn't have to worry about homework, or getting the kids to bed at a decent time because they had school in the morning.

We had some special circumstances and my brother Jeremy and his two little girls came to live with us. This made it feel like this was what the holidays are all about- helping those in need. The kids enjoyed having their cousins here and Lexi and Carter were a tremendous help to me.

We got visited by not one but three elves this year because we had three households under one roof. I also have had another brother's son for two years and has practically been part of the family.

We found Winkie, Jingle, and Bob in the oddest places each morning. The kids had so much fun each day discovering  what kind of mischief the elves had got themselves into. Here in the picture below, the elves had stolen a pair of each of the kids' underwear and socks and decorated the tree with them!!

We got to see what the two girls have been working on in dance class and visited with Santa.

We went to the Zoo Lights. We just started this tradition last year and the kids really enjoy it!

On Christmas Eve, we had a houseful. My brother Jeremy and girls were there of course, and my dad and brother Cameron and Cam J. also stayed the night. We made and decorated sugar cookies for Santa, watched "Christmas Vacation", had french dip sandwiches, decorated candy trains, and read the Christmas Story from the Bible.

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