Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lexi Turns 12!!

Can't believe this girl is 12!! What an exciting age!!!
Lexi hosted her very first slumber party for her twelfth birthday. Mom decided it was time to let her have one after years of begging and pleading. There were ten girls that came (there would have been a lot more but she had to narrow it down quite a bit!)

Paul and I surprised Lexi with a pug puppy. She loves animals so much, especially dogs. She was absolutely thrilled and named her baby "Daisy".

Anyways, back to the party.  The girls entertained themselves and found plenty to do. They played the Kinect, watched movies, played their own version of "American Idol", which was hysterical!!

Did "Marbleized Nails"

Talked and giggled, ate LOTS of junk, made prank phone calls, and had a frosting fight with Lexi's cake......I know , I know, the last two things I secretly was freaking out about but tried really hard to be a cool and relaxed mom. Luckily, nothing got too out-of-hand and ended up being pretty funny!!
I remember being that age and loved doing those sorts of things.

Some decided to try and and see how well frosting might be for their pores and made a mask!

It was a fun night and not too much work on my part...just kept the goodies stocked up and occasionally would pop in to "check" on things!

Sure love you, Lex Lou! So excited for all the fun and exciting things that you get to experience and are so proud of what a beautiful, talented, and caring woman that you are becoming!!
Happy Birthday.

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Hillary Luke said...

you seriously have the BEST birthday parties!